On Oct 3, R&T Computers will be shut down. This time for good.

For the 3rd time in the 12 years R&T Computers will be closing.

This is not good. This time its for good. I will miss everyone a great deal on the Internet and in real life but its time to move on. Maybe I'll find a real job but with the way things are I doubt it so its time to just move on the the next life. My kid *(R&T Computers)* has died and that's the only thing I had in this life. Don't feel sorry, the next one will be better.  Bert Ragan, Tracy Ragan and my one brother have been the only family I've had in the last few years so, they get everything if anything is left unless someone from a group called Occupy Michigan contacts them.

Yes, I do support this movement that started September 2011. Although RTC was a company, it was still in the 99% of the world that was controlled by the %1 (only the richest control everything and screw the rest).

In 12 years RTC has had many locations and gotten screwed so much. This being the last one at 4285 Dixie HWY, Saginaw, MI 48601.

 I did try to run the shop from a mobile home trailer at 2626 Gemini St Saginaw MI 48601 but with the local governments saying I can't, I knew it was doomed from the first day even through the manager did a great deal to help.

 To own a company is impossible. Our government
seems to think you must work for someone else if your lucky, rather then support the small business.Then when they fail, the government spends billions to bail them out and the little business as well at the residents has to suffer more.

You can not run a business from a house and advertise like a "real" one.
Bridgeport, MI  and Buena Vista, MI both say you MUST run it from a commercial zoned locations and pay twice what you would pay in a residential zone. This includes taxes and utilities.

I severed this country for two years in the US Army but that doesn't even seem to matter.

So after 12 years (DBA: Dec 1998) RTC, will no longer be around even though I jumped through every hope and did everything I had to, to keep it going. I think I treated the clients better then most and helped as many as I could including sending people to my competition just to help them.

Sunday night, good night and have a better life in this life time then I did.


Iframe Virus

The best way I can think of to reply to an email from a client is to provide some links to web sites talking about the Iframe virus. This is not the problem though. The problem with this bug is that no one has ever found the code that injects the line into HTML files, thus drawing more bugs in:
"<iframe src=”http://[removed for safety]/rc/” style=”display:none”></iframe>"


The line "<iframe" has been found on all OS Servers but no one has ever said that other then the about link, anything but Microsoft Servers are infected beyond this code in HTML files. Mac and Linux doesn't pass the bug its self, just the HTML code when edited from an infested MS based computer.

When this bug is found on Linux or Mac servers, simply removing the iframe code stops it but the only way to kill in on an MS system (server or workstation) is to do at least a government level wipe (G-Wipe). A G-Wipe is where 1's are written to the hard drive then 0's then 1's again. I like to do at least 5 times where the government says only 3 are needed.


On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:38 PM, <wordupmagazine@charter.net> wrote:
Hello Bob,

We were telling some people about the virus that you said attacked our computer!

Can you write down exactly what the viruses was doing or what the symptoms are?


Mitchell & Dorothy


Will the attacks ever end? As long as your on the internet, never

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Anonymous RTC does not support nor condone but only reports
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